Playing money for chess

Playing chess for money

Playing chess for money is not very common due to the lack of luck in the game. I've witnessed some games been played...

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Every chess master was once a beginner

How to get better at Chess

Improving in chess is hard work. There are no tricks or shortcuts to getting better, you have to put in the hours to...

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Chess boxing

Chess Boxing: All you need to know

Chess boxing is a hybrid game which consolidates the sport of boxing with games of chess alternating rounds. Chess...

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Chess symbols in Unicode

Chess symbols in Unicode

Chess symbols are part of the Unicode character set. This means that using Unicode you are easily able to include chess...

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Chess with dice

Playing chess with dice

Chess with dice There are many chess variants that you can try to spice up a regular chess game and playing chess...

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Chess parents

Tips for chess parents

When to register your child for their first tournament If you have a child who is very into chess and is interested in...

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All 7 ways a chess game can end in a draw

1. Stalemate Stalemate is a position where the player in turn has no possible move AND his king is not under an...

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Metallic chess set

10 Coolest chess sets on Etsy

Etsy is a place where you can find all kinds of things, including chess related products. I've always been a huge fan...

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Funniest chess comic strips

Chess has been a theme for several comics through the years. Here are our favourite chess comic strips! 1....

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Local chess club

6 benefits of joining a local chess club

I'm a huge fan of joining local chess clubs and I attend game nights in several clubs in my city. I think every chess...

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Chess time controls

Chess time controls explained

Adding chess clocks to the game of chess has brought a whole set of different game types for players to choose from. As...

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Best-selling chess book: The Art of Learning

10 best-selling chess books on Amazon

While doing some research on chess book recommendations, we started to discuss what might be the best-selling chess...

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