10 best-selling chess books on Amazon

While doing some research on chess book recommendations, we started to discuss what might be the best-selling chess books on Amazon as the world’s largest book shop. Luckily Amazon has a sub-category for chess so we were able to locate the top 100. Here are the top 10 most sold chess books on amazon.com!

10 best-selling chess books on Amazon.com

1. The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance by Josh Waitzkin

Quite surprisingly, the best-selling chess book on Amazon is a book by Josh Waitzkin, a chess player, martial arts competitor and author from US. Josh was considered a chess prodigy in his early life and the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer is based on his early years as a chess player.

The Art of Learning

2. How to Beat Your Dad at Chess by Murray Chandler

How to Beat Your Dad ad Chess is widely recommended as a great book for chess beginners. Thus it is no surprise it is on the list. It is a great book not only for kids getting into the game but also for adults looking to improve their game.

How to Beat Your Dad at Chess

3. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess by Bobby Fischer

This is another excellent book for beginners. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess is definitely one of the most recommended books for chess beginners.

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

4. Chess for Children: How to Play the World’s Most Popular Board Game by Murray Chandler

Chess for Children is a delightful book aimed at kids interested in chess. It’s put together very attractively for little kids.

Chess for Children

5. Logical Chess: Move By Move by Irving Chernev

Logican Chess: Move By Move is a great book for taking your chess skills to the next level after learning the basics. Irving Cherney explains 33 complete games in detail, going through the reasons and plans for each and single move made.

Logical Chess: Move By Move

6. Chess: The Complete Guide To Chess, Master Chess Tactics Openings and Chess Strategy by Logan Donovan

Another slight surprise, Logan Donovan’s Chess: The Complete Guide to Chess made the top charts by high sales numbers with his eBook version of the book.

7. Chess Tactics for kids by Murray Chandler

Chess Tactics for Kids is the third book by Murray Chandler on the list and it seems like he has really grasped the chess book market for kids and beginners with his fresh and well designed books.

Chess tactics for kids

8. My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer

One of our favourite chess books of all time, Bobby Fischer’s My 60 Memorable Games is a definite classic and recommended for chess players of all levels.

My 60 Memorable Games

9. Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games by László Polgár

This tome of chess puzzles is mentioned in a lot of recommendations and it’s no wonder it makes it to the list.

Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games

10. Silman’s Complete Endgame Course: From Beginner to Master

Silman’s Complete Endgame Course is one of the most recommended chess endgame books available. This book will give you an idea of the most important endgame positions and techniques.

Silman's Complete Endgame Course

Our recommendations

While this is a list of best-selling chess books purely based on numbers, you might want to check out our chess book recommendations!

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