Chess symbols in Unicode

Chess symbols are part of the Unicode character set. This means that using Unicode you are easily able to include chess pieces in all of your texts and websites in a very easy way. This will allow you to use algebraic notation in your texts, so instead of writing Nf3 you can simply write ♘f3 which looks much clearer. The good thing is also that it is universally understood. Algebraic notation is internationally similar all over the world but in every language, the notation differs a bit. For example, Nf3 (kNight to f3) in German is written Sf3 (Springer to f3). Different fonts also have different styles of chess pieces so you might want to check if the one you want to use supports it.

Chess symbols in Unicode

Name Symbol HTML
White King ♔
White Queen ♕
White Rook ♖
White Bishop ♗
White Knight ♘
White Pawn ♙
Black King ♚
Black Queen ♛
Black Rook ♜
Black Bishop ♝
Black knight ♞
Black Pawn ♟

If you want to see a full list of supported symbols in Unicode, you can find them all listed in this useful PDF.

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