10 most popular chess websites

Alexa provides a ranking of the most popular websites in the world. Here are the top 10 most popular chess websites ranked on the list!

10 most popular chess websites


Chess.com has taken the #1 stop as the most popular place to play chess. With a great team behind them, they offer a great place to find opponents of all levels as well as offer their users great content on their articles.


lichess.org has grown extremely rapidly to become one of the most popular online chess servers out there. Due to the service being fully Open Source and free, it has the backing of a great community of developers and fans.


chess24.com has become a and the live streams of popular GM tournaments has definitely helped their position in the rankings. Backed by several top level chess players, chess24.com is a great place to play games and follow the top tournaments around the world.


Chessbase.com, home page of the most advanced chess database software Chessbase, has become one of the top sources for chess news.


chess-results.com is the default service for chess tournament organisers to manage and report the results of their tournaments. It’s a great resource for not only following the top tournaments around the world, but also check the results around you.


chessgames.com is an online chess game database that hosts over 800,000 games of players from all around the world and


fide.com is the home page for FIDE, the World Chess Federation. In addition to producing a number of articles and news on daily basis, the site is also popular due to hosting the database of player ratings, Elos.


sparkchess.com is another site for playing chess online against other players or the several computer personalities they have developed. Sparkchess offers a fancy 3D board for playing.


chesstempo.com is considered to be the best chess puzzle website out there. With a huge database of high quality puzzles, leadersboards and rankings, it is the recommended place for chess puzzles.


2700chess.com started as a list of chess grandmasters reaching the Elo rating of 2700. Since then they have also added live streaming of the top tournaments as well as databases of grandmaster games.

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