Best Chess Variants

Chess players and hobbyists have come up with a number of chess variants that can bring a fun little change to your chess playing. We listed the most famous on of the bunch!

Chess960 (or Fischer Random Chess)

Chess960 aka Fischer Random Chess is a chess variant invented by former World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer. The variant has the same rules and movements for each piece with the only change that the starting position of each piece is randomized in the beginning of a game. The name chess960 comes from the 960 unique possibilities the randomizing can result in after applying some of the restrictions, such as keeping the bishops on opposite colored squares.


Crazyhouse is a chess variant similar to bughouse but is only played on a single board. Instead of receiving pieces from your team mates, your captured pieces switch colors and you can use them yourself, which makes the game quite hard to play on live boards and is mostly played online.


Bughouse is a popular chess variant played over 2 or more chessboards as teams. After capturing a piece, a player can hand the piece over to his team mates, who in turn can use a move to drop a piece on the board. The game is usually played with fast time control and is often played between matches in live tournaments.

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